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Liz Scully runs the successful EASi Recruitment employment agency in Sevenoaks High Street

But her working life in the town stretches back over more than 30 years when she was employed right next door to where her business is now based.

For someone who loves to travel I have never ventured very far from Sevenoaks High Street.
Who would have thought after 33 years of working in the town I would be next door but one to where I had my first job!

I started my working life as a trainee travel agent with Galleon Travel in the office now occupied by estate agents Jackson Stops.
I then ventured away from travel and went temping. This was back in the late 80’s. I had always remembered as a child my mother temping and thought it rather fun.

My first assignment was in an accounts department for PayLess DIY at the bottom of the high street which was originally the site of Caffyns Garage. I remember a loud bell ringing every day at lunch time. This meant it was time to put down my old-fashioned calculator and go for something to eat. It’s funny the things you remember.

I did loads of temp work and loved it. I was registered with nine agencies and they all wanted me to do work for them. I was always busy and was always pleased to be asked back by clients.

I then needed to get a real job for a mortgage, so my next high street job was in the wonderful Eyelines opticians at 88 High Street, Sevenoaks. I worked there for a good couple of years and then went temping again.

I did venture in to the London Road and worked for Swiss Life. I started there as a temp and after two days they persuaded me to work there full-time. I was there four years and ended up in the marketing department. My other London Road job was for Jaguar. Being a petrol-head loved being there for the launch of the S-TYPE Jaguar. At that time, I was the specialist in the dealership so was the only one who know about the car, a fantastic experience. But it wasn’t long before I was back on the High Street when I started working for an agency, on the other side of the recruitment desk for the first time, finding and placing temps in various companies and organisations. I started as a temp and ended up staying there 13 and half years.

In 2013 I took the bold step to set up EASi Recruitment and have never looked back. Once I had sorted the name (based on my initials) I wanted to sort offices. My one criteria was that I wanted a Sevenoaks High Street address. I knocked on the door of the former Sevenoaks Chronicle building at 54 High Street and the then owners Allied Media offered to rent me a desk.

In August 2016 EASi was growing so I moved two doors to the other side of Waitrose above Francis Jones Jewellers. I am now blessed with amazing views and lovely working conditions still in the heart of Sevenoaks.

I was originally a London girl but have certainly made Sevenoaks my home and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Our ethos at EASi Recruitment is to meet and welcome everyone and take the time to get to know everyone. We are one big team whether you are with us as a temp for a few weeks, during your studies or a lifestyle choice temp. We can help you find your next permanent job or just offer advice. For our clients they know they can always get hold of us and get instant answers. We really are doing what it says in the name, Making Recruitment EASi.

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